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Quality monitoring with complete enjoyment to the impression cylinder, water pipe manufacturer that has been run by many major projects in quality and after sales service.      newwebpage      like fan page
water pump, everything is ordered Hiting call 0879876989


water pump, vertical turbine pump, water pipe pump 90 degrees, water pipe pump plug in, water pipe pump engine, water pipe pump motor-platform, order everyone to form.


The water pump is Hiting.

Hiting the pipe pumping plant. The high quality standards.

Hand made sure all the means of production to ensure customer satisfaction.

water pipe pump is needed for agriculture, a lot of water to enter / exit the water pipe pump must be powerful and long life to saving the expense of farmers.

water pipe pump "takes many forms," "water pipe pump 90 degrees," "water pipe pump plug in," "water pipe pump the engine."Vertical Turbine pump
"water pipe pump large"Vertical  Turbine  Pump (made ​​to order sizes).

Hiting water pipe pump manufacturers have been required under the pettyPatent Law 5215 the first.

Water pipe pump Hiting 1 year warranty for stainless steel grade 304 for both. Meat out of stainless steel. Push the water out of the experience.  And the quality of research and Developed more than 19 years, ensuring the water pipe pump Hiting a long lifetime. Can make the pipe needs to have all the water flow. The dealer must have a water pipe pump Hi ting only. Contact 087-9876989 Ice '02-9276573. E-mail:      new web       Fan page clik Like

water pipe pump, or water pipe pump commonly used in agriculture in many forms.

images by

Water pipe pump is needed in the agricultural sector in a variety of agricultural water pipe pump.
This looks to be a force to put stock on the pulley, such as engines, electric motors etc.
Welding using a hand-made crafts pure focus on every detail


water pipe pump with the motor-platform.

 images by

Is similar to a water pipe pump, but the difference is that the water pipe pump is motor-plat form inside.
The motor-platform to connect the hose is permanently attached to a solid motor, etc. This is going to use the original stainless steel.



Vertical  Turbine  Pump / water pipe pump perpendicular / water pipe pump 90 degrees.

images by

Vertical turbine pump or a water pipe pump is different from the conventional way because it can be used to pump water is very small. A small pond can be simple and easy to install, longer lifetime and more than a water pump. It's say's say according to specifications determined by the rate of flow, no leak seal the seams, of course.


Arguments against a water pipe pump with a hose or pipe plug-in.

 images by

A water pipe pump is the only major city at the mouth to the plug-in or connected with any of the pipe flange.

Universalbearing put to use as the engine is optional.


Water pipe pump wheel with the engine.

 images by

A water pipe pump wheel which has a variety of places and ways they can pipe the Move. Come and go as they are available at the front and rear sides of the ear for the roots with a tractor or car. The pipe of this engine is the power or will to do another order as well.


Thinking about buying water  pipe pump?      

                   Think of Hi-Ting Karn Chang!!”



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